Learn Color Grading Workflow To Attract High-End Clients And Earn More
DaVinci Resolve video course from professional colorists
With assignments and feedback.

3 reasons to learn color grading today
Showreel looks awesome
and professional
When your showreel is impressive you are more likely to find a client or interesting job.
Earn 48% more than
video editors
A colorist on average earns 48% more than video editor. Top colorists get paid $120k+.
Director and DOP achieve desired visual result
Awareness of workflow will ease your communication with post-production team.
Get connections in the film industry

Our growing community of teachers and students can help
you with job opportunities, contacts and projects.

Ok. Sounds not bad. Show me more.
Here are before/after shots graded in DaVinci.
Alright guys. How to learn all this magic?
We know how. Just watch the trailer below
And who is supposed to teach me?
Ro Zhabrev
Course Instructor
Ro Zhabrev is a professional colorist with over 7 years of color grading experience in DaVinci Resolve. His portfolio includes commercials, feature and short films, television videos. He owns his production company called Robureau.
Alex Ambalov
Course Instructor
Alex Ambalov has been involved in color grading and post-production for 8 years. He worked on multiple music videos, award-winning animation and short films. Alex has taught over 1000+ students around the globe.
Cool. Let's recap how it works?
You choose your own pace for learning
1 year access to 18 hours of video lessons
Yes. You will have plenty of time to watch video lessons
12 practical assignments with feedback
You will learn in a group where you can share your works and get feedback from instructor and other students.
Learn anytime
Your course will be available for you at any moment. You can make a break whenever you want and return to study when you are ready.
From any place around the globe
All you need is an Internet access and a browser. That's all what you need to start learning.
Source footages to practice
You can download footages and start practicing immediately
Okay. What exactly will I get?
Here are topics of DaVinci Resolve course
Section 1
Section 1
Color grading fundamentals and interface
Section 2
Section 2
Teal Orange.
Section 3
Section 3
Tracking, nodes, R3D
Section 4
Section 4
Cinematics looks
Section 5
Section 5
Beauty correction
Section 6
Section 6
Speeding up workflow in DaVinci Resolve
Section 7
Section 7
Advanced shots matching
Great. But can I trust your site?
Reasonable question. Our team started 4 years ago from one course. Here's what we've achieved so far.
75 277
Number of our learners.
1500+ new members join every month/
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Ah, any reviews by the way?
Thank you guys, for putting so much effort into it. I took all the courses and streams with pleasure. I started to really understand what color is, it's not just to put a LUT and to correct the balance. There are so many new tools!
Nikita Kutepov
I've been watching DaVinci foundatino course, it's all simple and easily understood. You can learn the basics for a couple of hours. I really like how Rodion is really engaged in the process and how he teaches everything with humor and enthusiasm.
Alex Egorov
Filmmaker. Instagram
This is the coolest course! It's just hard to remember so much information at once, so I need to review it until I remember everything.
Vlad Smirnov
Founder of OSV Studio
I liked the course, I can not compare with others, because this is my first one on Amlab.
The teacher has a Lovely diction and he is good at explaining. I got the answers for everything within the course and I am pleased with it.
Andrew Novoselov
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