How to Color Grade to
get high-end clients or dream job

3 months of studying with feedback
Gain 4 industry techniques
1. Handling technical issues
You will discover how to fix overexposed and underexposed footages, properly correct white balance and reduce noise from grainy shots.
2. Making footages look cinematic
DOP, director or your client usually wants you to color grade the footage to a reference image. After the course you will be able to achieve it fast and efficiently.
3. Creating desired atmosphere
Creating appropriate atmosphere of the shot helps you to speak the same language with your client
4. Combine the skills above to grade sequence of shots
During the final exam you will get sequence of shots which needs to be graded according to director's vision. It will be real production case.
6 How-To's of the Course
1. Grade faster and efficiently
What workflow is needed to finish
your job faster
2. Attract high-end clients
How to make your videos look professional to bring more high-end clients
3. Increase hourly rate
The better color grading the more money you have
4. Make videos look awesome
How to achieve cinematic look for your videos
5. Create desired mood
How to better express the mood of the shot
6. Match shots
How to deal with shots from different cameras
Lesson from the course
Your instructor is a Pro Colorist
Ro Zhabrev (facebook)
Course Instructor
Ro Zhabrev is a professional colorist with over 7 years of color grading experience in DaVinci Resolve. His portfolio includes commercials, feature and short films, television videos. He owns his 4k production company and Color grading agency.

Watch his showreel below.
Instructor's Showreel
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Fundamentals of color grading in DaVinci
Working with technical issues
Practical assignment #1
Live online session #1
Instructor provides feedback
Upload your assignment and the instructor will give feedback to your work
Reference Grading
Practical assignment #2
Live online session #2
Instructor provides feedback
Upload your assignment and the instructor will give feedback to your work
Creating mood
Practical assignment #3
Live online session #3
Instructor provides feedback
Upload your assignment and the instructor will give feedback to your work
Grading sequence of shots
Final Work.
Live online session #4. Final
Upload your final work and the instructor will give feedback to your work
Bonus session for specific questions
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Reviews from our clients
Thank you guys, for putting so much effort into it. I took all the courses and streams with pleasure. I started to really understand what color is, it's not just to put a LUT and to correct the balance. There are so many new tools!
Nikita Kutepov
I've been watching DaVinci foundation course, it's all simple and easily understood. You can learn the basics for a couple of hours. I really like how Rodion is really engaged in the process and how he teaches everything with humor and enthusiasm.
Alex Egorov
Filmmaker. Instagram
This is the coolest course! It's just hard to remember so much information at once, so I need to review it until I remember everything.
Vlad Smirnov
Founder of OSV Studio
I liked the course, I can not compare with others, because this is my first one on Amlab.
The teacher has a Lovely diction and he is good at explaining. I got the answers for everything within the course and I am pleased with it.
Andrew Novoselov
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