Free live-class on October, 18
5 skills that help you
earn $100/h as a colorist

We will show color grading on this two projects
This class will be valuable if you:
Want to earn with color grading as a colorist
You'll be one the persons who decide how movie gonna looks like. That's a perfect job if you work in the production company or as a freelancer.
Want to know how to become that guy, who gets the job
We all know that success sometimes doesn't depend on how good the video looks. Color grading on freelance is about the communication.
Want to earn more on videos that you already produce
Same footage, two different stories. And two different prices ;)
Passionate about cinematography
If you want to shoot your own short or feature film you should know how digital colorists work. Or how to make everything on your own when nothing works out.
Want to know how to deal with your difficulties in color grading
50% of success is about technical knowledge. You are the king if you saved the shot.
Your instructor is a Pro Colorist
Ro Zhabrev
Course creator
Ro Zhabrev is a professional colorist with over 7 years of color grading experience in DaVinci Resolve.

His portfolio includes commercials, feature and short films, television videos. Founder of Robureau production company.
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